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The Principles over People Foundation

Healing communities and helping people thrive by making principles matter

The POP Foundation carries the power of Principles over People world-wide, empowering change and helping communities to end social hatred like prejudices, inequality, and discrimination of every kind by making principles matter. We do this through domestic programs that make principles matter in homes, schools, and businesses; and, internationally through principally-based humanitarian aid. The unique partnerships that we form ensure that the POP Movement is effective in fixing humanity’s brokenness everywhere.

POP Financials

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POP Governance

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The POP Foundation provides educational tools that promote the importance of principles like wisdom, kindness, and integrity regardless of others or circumstance.


The POP Foundation invests in the next generation, a significant majority of donations goes to the development and support of principally-based youth programs.


The POP Foundation is inclusive, bringing people from all walks of life together through community service like humanitarian aid and call-to-action campaigns.

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