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Mental Interventions – Severe

  • Organize

Take 5-minutes to do something simple to better organize yourself. 

  • Learn

Take 5-minutes to click the youtube icon to learn how to cook the perfect steak from Chef Gordon Ramsay. 

  • Solve

Take 5-minutes to solve this algebraic word problem from Khan Academy: 

Alfonso earns $16 per hour for the first eight hours of his shift. For each additional hour he works beyond the first eight hours, he earns $24 per hour. If Alfonso earned $320 from a single shift, how many hours long was that shift?

Click on the icon below to check your answer.

  • Write

In 5-minutes solve an immediate problem like paying a bill, responding to a text, or  doing a household chore by completing the following steps: 

  1. Identify the Problem
  2. Allocate Resources
  3. Organize Information
  4. Formulate a Strategy
  5. Do it. 

What did you get done?

  • Memorize

Take 5-minutes to memorize as many systems of the human body you can and their function. You can click on the wikipedia icon for a quick and easy list.  

  • Strategy

Take the next 5-minutes to be a detective. Click on the icon below to be a detective in youtube’s brainteaser. Good luck.

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