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Welcome to America’s newest, boldest social movement to end hatred like prejudices, inequality, and discrimination.

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Welcome to your POP Membership. Now more than ever society needs good people with good character to teach, to protect, to serve, and to govern. With your membership you now have access to our community and services, which will help you strengthen personal character and develop the principles you (and we as a society) need to be successful in life — whether you are at home, school, or at work. Being a principally-based member of society will not only benefit you and your community, but also help heal society’s brokenness.

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Principled Assessments

Use evidence-based tools to measure your strengths and weaknesses in relation to important principles.


To more effectively maintain personal changes and celebrate your success access our network of ongoing support.


Resources for reading and learning and our very own Podcast to keep up with   what’s happening on the P Over P community. 

Striving For Success

Successful living begins with good character. Success in a relationship. Success in school. Success at your job. Every aspect of life, individually and collectively, is uniquely shaped by personal character. The content of good character are principles. Principles such as courage, self-control, integrity, and humility are objectively good human qualities. They are good for the individual and society regardless of circumstance. Principles transcend time and culture; justice and love, for example, will always and everywhere be important qualities no matter who exhibits them. Your POP Membership will help you strengthen your character and further develop your potential — saving humanity.

The first annual Principles over People Award Ceremony.

Good Samaritan Award

The ballot box is open for all POP Members to nominate an individual or organization who has embodied the eleven principles this year — making an outstanding contribution to their community. A nomination for yourself will not be taken into consideration.