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Principles over People Foundation

Financial FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is the POP Foundation?

The POP Foundation is the charitable arm of Principles over People, Incorporated. Its mission is to end hatred like prejudices, inequality, and discrimination of every kind everywhere by making principles matter. 

Where can I find information on your sources of income and expenditures?

This is where you will find information on income and expenditures. We are a newly formed charitable organization that doesn’t have this information established yet. Everything that POP, Incorporated and Foundation has done so far, which hasn’t been much yet, has been done by volunteers and with personal money. Only now are we looking for donations in order to help make our efforts more effective and to benefit the lives of more people.

How much does the POP Foundation spend on administration?

We currently spend nothing on administration costs because everything that has been done has been done by volunteers – donating their own time and their own money to help end social hatred. Those that work with us have a passion to stop the existing tension, anger, and hate in society. And we have realized that will only happen when homes, schools, and businesses make principles matter more than people. When we start receiving donations, charitable contributions, or profit from the POP Store, then we are committed to using less than 10% of every dollar on administrative costs and the remaining 90% on the development and support of communities suffering from hatred of every kind.  

How much does the POP Foundation spend on fundraising?

We have spent nothing so far on fundraising. We haven’t had to yet; however, that is changing. As we are growing, we have received a lot of support and help to launch this movement by people that believe in what we are doing. A large majority want an end to the senseless violence and hatred that is happening through principles.  

How are you able to keep your administrative costs low?

The team we have all have full-time occupations and careers so there is no need to allocate any administrative costs. We aren’t doing this for money or fame, but for humanity. Society is broken. The only way to heal, to safe humanity, is to make principles not people matter.

What is the relationship between the POP Foundation and POP, Inc and how is it structured?

The POP Foundation is a registered and operating charitable organization. The POP Foundation’s headquarters are located at 1411 North State Street, Suite #10 Orem, Utah 84057. Principles over People (POP) Incorporated is a social enterprise. The POP Incorporated’s headquarters are located at 1411 North State Street, Suite #11 Orem, Utah 84057.

The POP Foundation has an active Board of Directors who oversee the organization and drive the strategic direction of the foundation. The board provides legal, financial and fiduciary oversight to the foundation and appoints the Executive Director to oversee the day-to-day operations.

POP Inc., has an active Board of Directors who oversee the social enterprise and provide strategic guidance. The Chair of the POP Foundation participates on the POP Inc., board to ensure the social enterprise acts in the best interests of the POP Foundation. The POP Inc., and the POP Foundation are legally distinct entities and maintain separate financials, governance and headquarters. However, each entity shares a common mission and works toward a common goal. The POP Inc., and the POP Foundation partner together in driving the POP Movement. The relationship is defined by a legal partnership agreement which outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party and is reviewed and signed off annually by the Executive Directors and Board of Directors of both organizations. The structure of the partnership is such that POP Inc.,’s primary function is to support the mission of the POP Foundation. POP Inc., designs its services, resources, programs, and products in such a way to support and reinforce the core activities of the POP Foundation.

Has the structure between the two organizations been reviewed by a third party?

Not yet; however, we are planning for such a review each quarter beginning January 2020. 

What is the nature of POP Inc.,’s in-kind support for the POP Foundation?

POP Inc., provides significant in-kind support to the POP Foundation that directly reduces or eliminates expenses the foundation would otherwise have to incur, resulting in the ability of the foundation to maintain a low administration rate and maximize donor dollars. The following are some of the ways in which POP Inc., supports through in-kind support:

1. POP Inc., will provide motivational speakers to POP Foundation events at no charge to the charity.

2. POP Inc., provides free office space to the POP Foundation for some of its staff and has been doing so since its inception.

3. It is policy that every two years, the POP Foundation staff and POP Inc., staff have the opportunity to come together and travel to either Kenya, India or Ecuador to see the impact of the POP Villages and POP Communities model in person. This provides POP Foundation staff the opportunity to connect directly with the POP Projects, fellow POP Members, and the people they work very hard to support and provides a deep connection to the mission and impact of their work. To honor POP Foundation Staff, POP Inc., covers associated travel expenses and on-the ground costs with each trip.

How does POP Inc., the innovative social enterprise, help WE Charity keep its administrative rate low?

What makes POP Inc., a true social enterprise is not measured by profits, but by the people it empowers and the lives it transforms. Every decision begins and ends with “how will this make the world a better place,” and every action brings us closer to this crucial goal and helps support the work of the POP Foundation. POP Inc., donates at minimum 90% of its net profit to support the POP Foundation, while the remainder is reinvested to grow the mission of the social enterprise. Using a highly effective model, POP Inc., is structured to offset expenses and help provide pro bono services to POP Foundation’s work, ensuring that the charity achieves a remarkable rate of financial efficiency. The POP Foundation on average is able to spend 10% with an average of 90% of its donations going directly to child-serving, principally-based programs at home and abroad.

How do corporate partnerships help POP Foundation keep administrative costs low?

The POP Foundation is further able to keep its administrative costs as low as possible through partners and Principally-Based Businesses (P-BB) that provide the POP Foundation with valuable in-kind services. We are proud of the fact that we consistently exceed exceptional standards. POP Foundation spends less than 10 percent of its funds on administration, with, on average, 90 cents of every dollar donated going directly to support principally-based projects and programs. POP Foundation currently receives approximately more than one eighth of its consolidated budget in the form of in-kind goods, resources, and supplies. Principally-Based Minded (i.e., POP Businesses and other) companies support the POP Foundation, from legal and business services to the supplies and logistics that will make POP Events possible (e.g., tour shipping, air and ground travel), to the advanced technology that will make the POP Learning Center a hub for connecting POP Members and the public around the world.

How does POP Foundation allocate donated funds for programs?

Again, the POP Foundation is a new charitable organization and hasn’t had to allocate donations to any POP Programs or Services. As funds from donations are made the POP Foundation will make that information available here. 

What does it cost to deliver POP Program impacts in POP Villages and POP Communities?

The POP Foundation has not yet engaged in developing POP Villages and/or POP Communities. Its goal is to start POP Projects and Programs in Spring 2020. As this cost is determined the information will be made available here.

How is POP Foundation governed?

A remarkable volunteer Board of Directors oversees the work of the POP Foundation, which includes setting policies and procedures, as well as monitoring budgets and expenses to ensure funds are spent wisely.

Our Board consists of respected professionals drawn from the business, academic, government and nonprofit sectors who bring a wealth of diverse skills and experience to the governance of our organization. This includes the work of our finance committee, which also play an important function overseeing major financial activities for the foundation.

Have the POP Foundation’s financials and operations been independently evaluated?

Not yet; however, we are planning for such a review each quarter beginning January 2020.

What is the POP Learning Center?

The POP Learning Center is a community space that ends hatred like prejudices, inequality, and discrimination of every kind by making principles correctly applied matter for youth and adults in America and internationally. With world-class technology, leadership and educational programs and social issues workshops, the POP Learning Center will be an innovative hub where action plans come to life and transformative change happens. The POP Learning Center will be more than just a new headquarters, it’s the destination for any world-changer who wants to learn about how correctly applied principles heals the world. It will be the ultimate field-trip for schools or families that want to learn about global issues, and the place for businesses to hold their staff retreats to learn about principally-based leadership. The best part is that schools and groups don’t need to be located in Orem, Utah, USA to take part in POP’s cutting-edge programming—families, schools, and businesses can participate via digital classrooms, using technology that supports the delivery of principally-based leadership training and professional development, no matter where anyone is in the world.

The POP Learning Center will be transforming principally-based learning opportunities for millions of students coast to coast and around the world, enhancing their skills and knowledge so they can create positive change in their local and global communities. The POP Learning Center will be owned and operated by the POP Foundation and will be made possible by the commitment of a community of donors.

How are POP Events funded?

POP Events have not happened. Beginning early next year POP Inc., and POP Foundation will announce upcoming POP Events; and it is our policy that any POP Event will be supported by monetary and in-kind donations of goods and services from our corporate supporters, POP Members, foundations and individual donors, to name a few. 

Is POP Foundation a registered, charitable organization?

The POP Foundation is a registered, charitable foundation in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

POP Foundation Canada Tax ID:

POP Foundation United States Tax ID:

POP Foundation England & Wales Registered Number: 

WE Charity Scotland Registered Number: 

Am I eligible for a tax receipt?

The POP Foundation is able to provide a tax receipt for any donation over $10 in the following countries: Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

For more information contact: E-mail: 

How can I see the impact of my contributions?

We practice what we preach. A core POP Principle is Integrity. POP honors and adheres to this principle by being fully transparent in all our dealings and operations.

When someone donates to the POP Foundation that person will receive periodic updates on the impact of their individual support no matter how great or small. In addition, POP is developing an innovative “Track Your Impact” system that lets donors see the impact of their contribution. 

Does the POP Foundation accept donations of supplies like clothing or school materials for its international projects?

In short, no because the POP Foundation’s model of development focuses principles like Wisdom, Courage, and Hard-Work, which involves independence and self-reliance. In order to honor and adhere to those principles the POP Foundation works with local leaders, community groups, POP Chapters at providing a hand up instead of handouts to the communities and groups that the POP Foundation partners with.

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