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CONGRATULATIONS, according to your score you are operating from the HIGH-NEOCORTEX part of you brain or the “SAFE ZONE”. In THIS moment you are TOLERANT and RESISTANT to additional stress and possible distress. In this state, you CAN BE highly efficient and productive.


We recommend that you do what you need to do. Fulfill your potential. Take on the world. Challenge authority. Accept life as it comes because you have the ability. This is the BEST PLACE for you to be in PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY regardless of the circumstance.

Intro to Interventions

Although you need no intervention here are some suggestions that will help you CONTINUE TO LESSEN your stress and KEEP you to a state of higher functioning. Please choose an intervention and follow the instructions carefully. Each intervention is specifically designed to BOOST ENERGY and decrease stress, making you less susceptible to more serious problems.

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